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Well That Was Awkward!!! 5 Tips to Make Your Virtual Sales Calls Less Uncomfortable

During the opening of a sales meeting, top sales people consciously and subconsciously leverage spoken & unspoken communication to build a comfort level and get in synch with clients. This rapport or alignment facilitates the communication process and increases our client’s engagement during the seller/buyer interaction.

If you are concerned that the shift towards a virtual selling method is impacting your ability to connect and build rapport with clients, you are not alone. Recent research has shown that over 73% of sellers who have primarily sold in-person say they struggling to create a connection with clients during a remote sales meeting. The outcome is an initial feeling of awkwardness for the salesperson and client which will significantly impact the effectiveness of our communication and ultimately, our ability to advance the sale.

In order to combat this effect, modifications can be made to how we open virtual sales

meetings, potentially eliminating the awkward first few minutes that can derail great sales


Within our recent white paper, Well That Was Awkward !!! 5 Tips to Make Your Virtual Sales Calls Less Uncomfortable we outline 5 best practices you can quickly implement to maximize engagement and improve sales outcomes when you are opening a virtual sales meeting.

These include:

1. Establishing Intent Before the Meeting Begins

2. Tightening up the Greeting Small Talk for Focused Customer Engagement

3. Using a Powerful Funnel Question Technique to Personalize Your Opening

4. Having a Clear Transition to the Business Discussion, Discovery or Presentation

5. Empowering Through Mindset Positivity

Understanding and deploying any of these best practices will assist you with maximizing rapport and avoiding an awkward start to any meeting virtual sales meeting.

To download the white paper and learn more click here.

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